Aspects of Primary Health Care

1. Adequate supply of safe drinking water and basic sanitation

There is a close relationship between supply of water and sanitation. If there is no supply of water, the sanitary condition will automatically be affected. It is due to the deficiency of safe drinking water and poor sanitation, the gastrointestinal diseases like diarrhoea, cholera, typhoid; roundworm, dysentery, etc. make us the victim. Therefore, a good supply of safe drinking water is absolutely necessary.

2. Health education

Good health is essentially and inherently important to live a worthwhile human life. Health education communicates with the facts that help to promote the ways of healthy living and to solve basic health problems.

3. Nutrition

A balanced diet is highly obligatory to live a healthy life. Sufficient supply of food and management of proper nutrition is required to get a balanced diet. Different health related problems emerge along with malnutrition. Therefore, proper supply of food and management of nutrition is one of the important aspects of Primary Health Care.