Dental Primary Care

Dental care is that the Oral hygiene, the apply of keeping the mouth and teeth clean in order to dental disorders. Family physicians usually encounter patients with dental infections, like cavity and periodontal disease. cavity is caused by bacteria that destroy the enamel and dentin; it is detected by an oral exam that shows stained pits or fissures on the tooth surface. Use of fluoride is that the best prevention measure for bacterial plaque. Untreated cavity could attain pulpitis and, eventually, to necrosis of the pulp. In irreversible pulpitis, the tooth dies and therefore the patient could have a localized symptom which will spread to close tissue. Family physicians are in a very smart position to deal with this morbidity. they will acknowledge common dental infections and, in some circumstances, could initiate treatment of great infections before referral. Family physicians can even advise patients on how to prevent dental infections and supply proper dental medicine.